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Modularly built hospital


Modularly built hospital

Rolof Mulder started his company Hospitainer in 2010 from ideal motives. As a former first-aid helper, he saw that the design of hospitals in developing countries often went wrong. As a consequence, half a year after completion many things stopped working. That had to and could be different!
Mulder developed a modularly built hospital that can self-sufficiently operate as a mobile clinic.
Only fuel is required for the own aggregate and groundwater that is made suitable for use by the water treatment. The first mini-hospital in a container Mulder built himself. Seven years later, Hospitainer built more than 100 containers for hospitals in disaster areas.

Disaster relief

Hospitainer works a lot for the United Nations and other relief organizations. It is very important to be able to quickly switch with disasters. Therefore, Hospitainer has a large stock of thirty sea containers. When called, they can be flown or shipped immediately. The 10-member Hospitainer team provides transport of the container with its own means of transportation to the place where the hospital is to be located and then build it up ready for use.

Often the hospitals remain for many years. For example, the Syrian city of Homs, has a hospital from Hospitainer for more than four years. This hospital has since performed 50 to 60 thousand operations. During the Ebola crisis, Hospitainer sent a special research and nursing centre to West Africa. For various relief organizations, hospital containers are also welded to ships. Thus, a freight ship transforms into a hospital ship. Several of these ships sail in the Mediterranean to take in refugees.

Medical Staff

Mulder: “I strongly believe that a business-friendly approach and support will go well together. This is the new aid. There is also so much to do in the world. 300,000 women are still unnecessarily killed during labour every year. Hospitainer wants to expand extensively in the future. “My goal is to set up 1,500 hospitals around the world over the next twenty years. For the medium term, we are thinking of setting up an entity that will set up a pool for directly deployable containers and medical staff. Often we are ready with a hospital, but there isn’t any staff yet. Precious time will then be lost and that is sin. Social investors are interested in joining this pool.

Export countries

Haiti | Sudan | Iraq | Syria | Turkey | Philippines | Jordan | Italy | France | Congo | West Africa


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