Industrial supplier


Industrial supplier

Hovin BV was established in 1991 as an innovative industrial metal and plastic parts supplier. The business offers a wide range of metal and plastic parts for primarily the furniture and wood processing industry.

The parts are manufactured under the direction of Hovin in the Far East and then delivered once or twice a week at Hovin’s warehouse in Apeldoorn. The products are then forwarded to customers throughout Europe, particularly Germany, with its many furniture and kitchen suppliers. Of the over 2,500 products in their range, about 70% is exported to customers in Europe. Standard products are manufactured to stock and delivered just in time to the customer through the warehouse. These customers range from large multinationals to SMEs. Other products are made to order per the customer’s request.

Hovin’s main strength lies in its know-how in a wide range of manufacturing techniques and its large supplier network. Their extensive experience in various industries results in functional and smart solutions. They work very closely with their customers from a technical production standpoint from the first stages of development, actively helping them look for ideal solutions. Simplifying the process and refusing to concede at the expense of the functionality of a product can lead to a significant reduction in production costs, for example. By working on solutions in the production process with the customers, new products are designed to improve the customer’s production process, creating a strong USP (Unique Selling Position) for their customers.

With Hovin, customers are served with a one-stop-shop system, from product design to smart logistics, all under one roof. The sector is highly competitive, but by continually focusing on innovation, Hovin retains its competitive advantage.

The future

Hovin has a strong market position in specialised segments and is a market leader in some product groups. Growth will continue as they grow along with their customers and expand their product range. Their latest product is a universal suspension system for charging points for electric cars.

Export Countries

Europe | With a focus on | Germany | Italy | Belgium | Denmark


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