Refurbished parts from the central heating boiler

HR Premium Parts

Refurbished parts from the central heating boiler

Refurbished central-heating boiler parts, that’s what HR Premium Parts from Twello supplies to building services engineering customers. This includes refurbished central-heating boiler parts that must be re-issued to comply with current CE marking standards.

Marcel de Graaf started the business six years ago. He discovered how quick we are to replace an entire central-heating boiler while the boiler itself, which may not even be ten years old, works just fine without the defective part.

De Graaf developed a new business model: selling refurbished boiler parts. He started working together with a few certified disassembly and refurbishment businesses in Gelderland and set up a recycling program. Discarded boilers are neatly disassembled, the parts are professionally refurbished, and HR Premium Parts arranges the business-to-business trade with engineers. Engineers can then buy refurbished parts for servicing their boilers, making them last longer. Working together with these four groups to introduce this circular principle into the sector has proven to be a success.


This turned out to be a good business model that works with and anticipates on an increasingly circular society. Sustainability and circularity are becoming increasingly ingrained into the daily consciousness. Refurbished parts in combination with an extended warranty to guarantee the quality of the product are introduced increasingly often. The main difference with the second-hand parts market is that those parts have usually only had a touch-up before being sold with or without a warranty.

Within the Cleantech Regio, the business is associated with the Cirkelwaarde project where the company works together with businesses such as Circulus Berkel to prevent e-waste. They’re also researching together with students from Saxion college the option of developing a business model for marketing temporary boilers.

His current assortment consists of parts from central-heating boilers, heat pumps and inverters, but air conditioning parts will also be included in the future. They can acquire basically anything that has a circuit board or ventilator.

As-a-service model

Moreover, he expects the ‘as-a-service model’ to catch on. ‘The producer remains the owner of the equipment and wants the highest quality for as little money as possible; this is an ideal opportunity for refurbished products.’


Marcel is proud of the fact that he started a business eight years ago without any technical know-how or experience in the field but with a firm belief in its business model. He is now the owner of a flourishing business with a 30% annual growth rate.

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