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Care Center

Humanitas is a living and care centre in Deventer. The Law on long-term care (Wlz) is guiding, so the care for elderly people is done professionally and with love. Since 2012, Gea Sijpkes has been CEO and she has made lots of changes. In addition to excellent care for elderly people by many professionals, they have taken a new direction. Six students live in Humanitas and do not pay rent, but do different work activities and keep the elderly people company for 30 hours a week. It is a project with which Humanitas has left a mark on care centres worldwide. People from all over the world travel to Deventer, and Gea is a popular guest speaker at different conventions and universities.

Its core
At Humanitas, the projects has followed a natural growth process. Sijpkes: “We notice a need and create the possibility to respond to that. Humanitas is the core basis that can support several different social initiatives. The people are very vulnerable, also because of the transition phase our society is in, but this also offers opportunities.” Because of her vision, Gea has initiated many new project over the last years. Such as homes for teen mothers in the Ridderhof, a gym, a care hotel, a picking and vegetable garden and the Adelbold project in a nearby flat.

Adelbold project
This project helps young people with a (congenital) handicap to live independently in a flat nearby Humanitas. The young people work at Humanitas and can go there for support and help. In the meantime, three young people have moved into the Adelbold project.

GROWlocal is an initiative of Humanitas in-house student Patrick Stoffer, who grows leaf vegetables in a sea container (8000m2 agricultural land) while saving 90% water use and achieving 95% more efficiency. Together with another resident he goes to the container every week to harvest and care for the vegetables.
Initiatives that helped win the diversity award in 2018: Humanitas makes the difference in 2018!

Care export
Entrepreneurship in health care in the 21st century begins in Deventer! Every week, they meet delegations from all continents of the world. The care initiatives are implemented in many countries for different groups. And “How great is it that China is going to import ‘Humanticas care’.” ‘Proud and happy!’ In 2018, China will start with ‘Humanitas care’. Six nurses will support their Chinese colleagues for a year and are managed from Deventer every three months. With the slogan: Love Together Positively, Gea Sijpkes has made her mark on the new world of health care.

Export Countries

Denmark | Germany | Norway | Austria | Russia | Slovenia | Spain | Sweden | Switzerland | Australia | Canada | China | Hong Kong | Japan | the United States | South Korea


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