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Building Websites


Building Websites

IJsselStudio was founded by Edwin Bonthuis in 2001. Since its launch, IJsselStudio has built 2,000 websites and web shops for foundations, associations, self-employed and SMEs. IJsselStudio has five employees.

IJsselStudio builds websites and web shops and takes care of domain registration and hosting. Over 3,700 domain names are hosted by IJsselStudio, of which a portion is outsourced internationally. The customers are diverse and the Dutch companies that are being worked for also have international branches. The request of those companies whether IJsselStudio can also build the website for a foreign branch is therefore quickly answered with a ‘yes’.

In recent years, Edwin Bonthuis has built up a large international network of over 100 professionals who put questions and orders together and share knowledge with each other. Bonthuis: “For every country, a website is custom made. Through my network, we can provide this customised work with an excellent price/quality ratio”. In total, IJsselStudio has built about 200 foreign websites for Dutch customers and about 130 Dutch websites have been built for foreign companies.

This large network ensures for special orders. This ranges from the website for the manufacturing of carriages in Germany, a Swedish website for the largest flag producer in Europe to websites for five countries by a Brazilian Jungle Hotel. Bonthuis: “The Brazilian Jungle Hotel was very special. The hotel was built in the middle of the Amazon and for one and a half year, a Dutch person from my network has worked on it.”

The international applications for building websites is increasing. In order to meet this demand, IJsselStudio has resellers abroad. The youngest reseller is located in Romania. In one year time, IJsselStudio has built about 100 websites for Romanian companies. The plan is to work more with resellers.

An expansion in America is also on the agenda. Edwin: “Websites that have to start running for the American market often start too slowly from Europe. With server space in America, we will solve that problem for our customers.”

Export Countries

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