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Impaqed Products

Truck Accessories

Impaqed Products was established in 2008. Since then, it has developed into a leading specialist in the field of tyre pressure monitoring systems (also known as TPMS). Tyre pressure is a significant factor with regards to fuel consumption, CO2 emissions, wear and tear on tyres and traffic safety. And that applies to every type of vehicle that runs on wheels. A TPMS system is an important instrument for the simple and permanent monitoring of tyre pressure and temperature for safe and energy-efficient road travel.

When Impaqed Products started, TPMS hardly existed. Founder and director Bert de Boer thought this was strange. It was time to change that. The business started out with one stand-alone solution for trucks and one for passenger cars. This selection has expanded significantly. The assortment is varied with over 25 different TPMS systems, with various models for vehicles ranging from passenger cars to forklift trucks, motorbikes, earth-moving machinery, buses, and specialised truck systems.

Return on investment in seven months

Tyre pressure is a critical issue for trucks. Permanent monitoring of tyre pressure is essential with regards to fuel consumption, cost efficiency, traffic safety and business continuity. That’s why Impaqed Products supplies state-of-the-art TPMS systems for trucks that can be linked with all current board computers and telemetric equipment.

Preventive maintenance

Driving with the right tyre pressure leads to huge savings in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. It’s one of the main reasons why the costs for such a system are recouped in an average of seven months’ time. One of the most important reasons is because it prevents the breakdown of trucks on the road. Some 80% of all breakdowns are caused by tyres, wheel bearings and brakes. Most of those breakdowns can be avoided through preventive maintenance guided by data from the TPMS. A breakdown causes besides inconvenience and a damaged reputation also a lot of material damage. A flat tyre in Germany or France means renting a tow truck and this alone costs on average 3,000 euros.

Fast growth

After their initial pioneering period (tyre pressure management was relatively unknown back then), TPMS and Impaqed Products became well-known names in the field. Thanks to their excellent value for money, Impaqed Products is a market leader in that respect. Various large truck and trailer producers install Impaqed Products’ systems as a standard feature in their trucks and trailers. Many maintenance services for the larger truck brands in Europe fit their trucks with Impaqed Products systems.

The future

The EU requires all trucks and trailers to be equipped with a TPMS system by 2023. The future is therefore looking very bright.

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