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High-tech electronics

Incaa Computers

 High-tech electronics

An ambulance has a heavy patient in the car and is in a hurry. Traffic lights are holding up, but thanks to Priodek, this is no longer the case, this IT application influences the traffic lights so that they jump on green in a timely manner. The developer of Priodeck is Incaa Computers. An IT company specializing in the development and manufacturing of high-tech electronics, including Priodeck.

Science and industry as customers 

Incaa started in 1975, with twenty people are working there and the company has a turnover between two and three million euros. Incaa’s customers are mainly in the industry and science. Initially, Incaa mainly produced microprocessor systems, but mass production is necessary in order to be successful in that market. It was especially the big players, like Motorola, who could handle that. Incaa is a small company and for that reason it has left the segment. They specialize in measure- and control modules and are successful in it. The customers contain companies such as ASML and Saab Technologies, but CERN is also a customer in the field of science. Here they supply products that are used with the particle accelerators. In addition to word-of-mouth advertising, it is the presence of (Big science) conferences that provide new customers.

Most of Incaa’s products are produced for the Dutch market, but the company also supplies to the United States, Spain, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland (CERN). Incaa has no ambition to export much more and this is because the company usually carries out projects that lead to products. The overhead in project execution is smaller in the Netherlands than abroad. CERN belongs to the most beautiful export performance. This scientific organization became a customer thanks to a Big Science conference and CERN chose Incaa in the 1970s, because Incaa provided a very compact computer, where the demand was. CERN is still a customer today.

Export countries

Germany | Spain | Italy | Sweden | Switzerland | United Kingdom | USA


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