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Escape route lighting and Escape route marking

Inotec Noodverlichting

Escape route lighting and Escape route marking

In 2011, DIC Ross founded his business, Inotec Noodverlichting. It is a joint venture with German market leader Inotec Sicherheitstechnik GmbH. They develop, manufacture, advise on, deliver and service innovative and customer-oriented emergency escape lighting and signage. Inotec Noodverlichting’s focus is primarily on the Dutch and Belgian market.

Dic Ros has an IT background and was surprised at the outdated way in which emergency lighting systems were applied in the Netherlands. They were all self-contained systems largely lacking in remote-controlled functionality. Convinced that there had to be a better way, Dic discovered the German company Inotec during his search for a solution. And although they had the solution he was looking for, they were not represented on the Benelux market. The joint venture Inotec Noodverlichting BV was formed as a result. Today, ten professionals work here.

In the Netherlands, self-contained escape route and emergency lighting systems are still the standard. Because each luminaire is equipped with a battery, maintenance and testing is difficult and unnecessarily expensive. An annual inspection is required by law. These inspections can only be carried out physically on-site, and the electricity for the entire site must be cut off until every luminaire has been inspected and tested. With a central system, all the systems can be checked remotely, and not just once a year, but every week. After all, this concerns the safety of everyone present in the building. The facility manager receives an online message with the test results and knows which exact luminaire needs to be inspected in case of a breakdown. Another benefit of such a system is its lower energy consumption. A central system can adjust the lighting to activate when people are present in the building. If no one is present in the building, the lighting is switched off. This quickly amounts to energy savings of up to 50%.

Inotec’s products can be found on and in airports, hotels, shops and shopping centres, theatres, schools, conference centres, hospitals and all sorts of business premises. The owners of these sites all have in common that they take the safety of the people present in their building seriously. By saving on energy consumption, batteries and unnecessary mileage from on-site inspections, savings are also made in monetary and environmental terms.

That is why an increasing number of clients gladly work with the central emergency and escape route lighting systems from Inotec. For example, Inotec has fitted several distribution centres in the Netherlands with their lighting systems. Supermarket giant Lidl was so impressed by the result that Inotec was asked to do the same for their distribution centres in the UK and Bulgaria.

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