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Interior construction


Interior construction

In 1977, Mr G. Leurink and Mrs. G. Leurink-Elzinga in Terwolde started an installation company that was mainly specialised in assembling ceiling systems. Since 1998, Intermontage is run by their sons, Tony and Henry, and the third generation is also employed in the family business. With over 100 employees, Intermontage carries out hundreds of interior design projects each year.

The company’s strength is that everything is offered under one roof. Customers visit the showroom and come up with ideas, which are then drawn up into 3D designs by the company’s in-house designers. After approval, the drawings are sent to their in-house production department that produces partition walls, ceiling systems and other customised interiors. These include luxury partition walls, glass partitions, closed walls, mobile panelled walls, steel-framed walls, ceiling systems and customised interior items such as cupboards, counters for shop interiors, pantries and acoustic facilities. The flooring and paintwork is also often included in Intermontage’s solutions through permanent partnerships with other businesses.

Across the Netherlands and beyond

Intermontage’s customer base is highly diverse. A lot of work is carried out for office proprietors and users, but also schools, healthcare institutions, and governmental and non-governmental organisations know where to find Intermontage for their interior needs. Besides the advantage of having everything under one roof and a single point of contact, other distinguishing characteristics of the business are high quality and the low costs of failure. Their high level of automation allows them to work quickly and provide quality products at affordable prices. The result is that companies also commission Intermontage to supply the interiors for their international offices. Intermontage supplies materials for neighbouring countries and sometimes farther afield to countries such as China.

Sustainable business is smart business

‘If you don’t include something about sustainability in your sales pitch, you can forget the business,’ director Tony Leurink says with a wink. Our business focuses on sustainability in several ways. We separate waste, work only with suppliers who supply sustainably produced materials, choose for certified wood, have solar panels on our roofs, and we offer opportunities to people who are distanced from the labour market.

An essential component with regards to circularity and sustainability is our own SLIM (Second Life Intermontage) programme: the re-use of construction materials through channels such as the Insert online marketplace. ‘With the help of SLIM, existing partitioning systems are disassembled, stored in our warehouse, and reused. There is an increasing demand for this type of solution.’

Export Countries

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