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Industrial and Technical Name Plates


Industrial and Technical Name Plates

For over 25 years, Interplate has been known as an expert in technical-industrial nameplates, in addition to its diverse advertising applications. “We are a small company with a team of specialised employees,” says René Schreijer. Together with his colleagues, they print, engrave and etch a number of products. From heavy plastics to diverse metals such as aluminium and stainless steel.

Interplate develops sustainable products that last for years. They process the message, information and/or data with a certain functionality. “We are graphics professionals for non-graphic products,” Remco van Lier adds. “These are often used for machine builders, industry, water boards, offshore, defence, etc. We produce important information including the serial number, project details, barcodes, etc. in a sustainable metal or plastic label, so your details will always remain visible and legible, even after ten or twenty years and in the most extreme circumstances.

Evolve with the industrial market

For years, Interplate has been evolving with the industrial market. As of 2018, the market keeps growing. Because of this, Interplate also gets the chance to grow further. “But we do not aim for short-term success. We focus on a sustainable relation with our customers,” René says. Because Interplate produces its products in-house, they have control on and insight into the entire trajectory. Because of this, they are not only capable of delivering top quality, but also to deliver ‘just in time’, for which short delivery time is becoming increasingly more important as well.”

Indirect and unique export

Interplate exports its products to several different countries: Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic and Denmark. The company has several networks and customers they deliver to in those countries. Around 15% of Interplates’ sales occurs abroad. “However, we do not call ourselves ‘real’ exporters,” René says. “We do not have an export department. We are suppliers.” Many of Interplate’s customers work internationally, which means their products are spread all over the world.

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | Czech Republic | Denmark


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