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Wholesale bakery ingredients

Inveja Netherlands

Wholesale bakery ingredients

Inveja Netherlands’ predecessor, Fa. Wed. W. Miedendorp was established in 19534 as a warehouse in colonial products, spices, tropical fruits, and associated items for bakeries in the northern Dutch provinces. In 1947, the business acquired Fa. L.I. Frank, a factory producing raw baking materials in Meppel. Following trends in America, Fa. L.I. Frank switched its production in 1950 to processing soy products for the food industry. The success of this development resulted in the business moving in 1967 to its current production location in Twello. In the late 1990s, Fa. L.I. Frank and Fa. Wed. W. Miedendorp succeeded in offering an alternative to soybeans on the market: lupin. In 2017, the company was sold to Terrena, a French cooperative. They continue under the name Inveja Netherlands B.V., a group with 50 employees spread out over three production sites; two in France and one in Twello, where 21 employees work.

World market leader in lupin products Inveja Netherlands B.V. is the market leader in lupin products. Lupin is a legume and is used in products such as meat substitutes and as an enhancer in bread and baking products. Lupin is rich in protein, is 100% non-GMO and it positively influences the daily calorie intake because of its high fibre content and other characteristics. It also contains B vitamins and minerals such as iron, calcium and zinc. Lupin products are good for your health because they lower LDL-cholesterol levels in the blood, which is good for your blood vessels.

Besides lupin and soy, EU allergen-free grains such as maïze, quinoa and oats are also processed in Twello. Each year, some 6.5 million kilos of raw materials are processed into semi-manufactured products. This means that every day, numerous trucks are loaded at Inveja Netherlands B.V. with shipments varying from a 750-kilogram pallet to full truckloads weighing 20 tonnes. These shipments mostly find their way to customers within the EU, but also to countries further afield such as the USA and the Middle East.

From supplier to consultant

Lupin ingredients were initially used solely for bread and bakery applications. Today, Inveja Netherlands B.V. is increasingly exploring potentially new applications for these ingredients, such as in meat substitutes and nutritional pills and shakes. Inveja Netherlands B.V.’s role is gradually shifting from a supplier to a knowledge partner that works closely with their customers to create new and sustainable food solutions. There is still a lot of ground to be won here.

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