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Happy Idiots

Marketing Agency

Four friends from Apeldoorn started their company Happy Idiots in 2011. Their ambition was to start a full-service internet agency for helping companies with cashing in on the infinite possibilities available online. And with success. The team has expanded to 40, with a clientele of 150 and still Happy Idiots is growing monthly. Together with her clients. Because the client’s success and that of Happy Idiots go together.
Director Marco Zweekhorst tells that they welcome a new employee to the office, at the top floor of Apeldoorn’s highest office building, every two months on average.

Growth ambition

The company likes to work with clients who have the same growth ambitions as Happy Idiots. Zweekhorst: “We are an incredibly ambitious company with ambitious employees. We only work with companies sharing our ambitions for growth and success, because our team’s importance is one of the primary company goals. This shared ambition and success is what leads to years of cooperation”.

Cooperation is key

A great example of close cooperation is Happy Idiots took care of the introduction to the German market for this company producing designer furniture replicas after reaching the revenue ceiling in the Netherlands. They became a smash hit, with a revenue of millions in no-time. Happy Idiots also took advantage: “We started with a few hours of support per month in the Netherlands, which grew into 80 hours of support per month and a European strategy; a nice example of a win-win relationship. And we have many more of these prime examples”.

Growth abroad

Happy Idiots is looking abroad for further expansion. “Various clients reach their national peak, many of them only recently started abroad. Especially the German market is of great interest. Happy Idiots is seriously considering its own office in Germany and French Belgium.”

Export countries

Belgium | Germany | United Kingdom | France | Spain | Denmark | Sweden | United States


Happy Idiots | Marco Zweekhorst