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In 2008, Geddy van Elburg founded Ionmoon. What started as an agency for web analyses and web advertising has now become a strategic partner for international companies and organisations with (internet) marketing as its core business. The company has six FTEs worth of employees at the moment.

Complete web strategy

For Dutch companies and companies abroad, Ionmoon performs the complete e-commerce strategy. Ionmoon can therefore help a company abroad to conquer a spot on the Dutch market using this strategy. The work varies from search engine optimisation, the design of websites & web shops to the web logistics and everything in between. Ionmoon is very active in an international network of top quality Google experts and digital analysts. The advantage is that the most recent Google information is directly available. Another example is that, for each country, the best Google partners are available for internationally operating companies.

The basis for a good web strategy is an analysis of the present website. Geddy: “Only 10% of all companies uses Google Analytics correctly. A shame because there is so much free information for the taking there.” Parallel to the web analysis, research is being conducted to find out which search terms are relevant for the company, what the online demand is and how the current performance compared to competitors is. With Adwords, the so-called Dedicated Budget is achieved carefully and experimentally after the analyses for each search term for each country. This is a kind of equilibrium. Investing more in Adwords costs money and investing less means too much loss of turnover. Only very few companies have such a dedicated budget. Ionmoon helps to achieve this, and does not only care about the technical side, but also about the workings of the human mind.

Special projects

Geddy: “Every job is special. We try to achieve maximum results with minimum budgets for our customers.” Ionmoon has reduced the Adwords budget nearly by half while increasing their turnover results.


Ionmoon expects more growth for the coming two years. During the last years, an increasing number of German companies has contacted Ionmoon to help them enter the Dutch market properly. In addition, the number of companies that take the step towards online export is increasing. Thanks to close collaborations with international specialists, Ionmoon is at the front of current developments in the field of internet marketing, analyses and digitalisation.

Export Countries

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