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Iris Media was established in 2004 by Ernst Wijnands and Jaco Schuurman. Both founders were members of a rock band at that time. They made striking videos to promote the band’s original work. Various customers responded with the question: ‘Can you make a video like that for us as well?’ This was much more commercially viable than performing in tiny concert venues, and so Iris Media was created. Now, fifteen years later, Iris Media has grown into a leading agency for moving images and sound.

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Both entrepreneurs complement each other well. Jaco has a business background and Ernst specialises in film. This combination is unique. Clients don’t want just a pretty picture; they want a medium to portray a specific message to a specialised target audience. Jaco: ‘This is what distinguishes us from the rest. There are many technically professional moviemakers out there, but what it’s all about is putting the client’s message in the spotlight in a distinctive and notable way, creating a specific desired outcome for the client.

These clients are very varied: From Fokker Aerostructures to Rabobank Salland and from the local businessman from around the corner to the national police force. Iris Media is also active on the international stage. The first contact came from Scotland, where Jaco had lived for one year. One of his acquaintances, a photographer, regularly contacts Iris Media when he needs film to complement his photography work. Iris Media has already produced five project films for a large Scottish interior fit-out specialist. Through the Scottish photographer, Iris Media also came into contact with Samsung; Samsung now uses Dutch promotional films for exhibitions.

Clients also require filming to take place abroad on a regular basis. For instance, Iris Media produced the corporate company film for the world market leader in feeding systems for the agricultural sector: Trioliet. Filming was carried out on several continents for this film. The film was launched in eight languages and has been viewed over 400,000 times.

The future is looking bright. Without having to look for new clients, the Iris Media’s client portfolio continues to grow with national and international customers. Jaco: ‘We enjoy seeing how we, a small agency from Salland, win the pitch nine times out of ten over the large agencies from the western part of the country.’

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