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Information Security

Isatis Cybersoft

Information Security

Isatis CyberSoft operates in the field of information security, privacy and cybersecurity. The implementation of the GDPR legislation means that companies are required to manage not only privacy risks but also information security and cybersecurity risks in order to meet GDPR requirements. Many businesses do not know how to approach this in a practical and systematic manner, do not have enough in-house knowledge, or do not have the resources or the staff to comply. In addition, the demands that the government and healthcare sector has placed on businesses means that the number of suppliers that are required to be certified according the ISO 27001 information security standard is increasing rapidly. Isatis CyberSoft helps organisations find accessible and economical solutions.

Isatis Group

Isatis CyberSoft is a subsidiary of the Nijmegen-based Isatis Group. Isatis Group is an IT-company where 260 professionals within multiple business units work to develop unique customer solutions. With their origins in software development, this business has grown into a strategic partner for various businesses and prominent clients. Every business unit is product-oriented and specialises in a specific domain. Whether it’s online marketing, design, software development, cybersecurity or big data, the knowledge and expertise is there within the dedicated teams!

The CyberSoft B.V. subsidiary is located in the De Leeuwenbrug office complex in Deventer. Marcel Lavalette holds the final responsibility for the business. CyberSoft provides answers to questions such as: are you hack-proof? Are your employees sufficiently aware of the privacy and cyber risks? To what extent are you compliant to certain standards and the GDPR legislation? For large organisations, specialised and expensive tools are available which often require specific user knowledge. For medium-sized and small companies, there are very few affordable and user-friendly tools available on the market. For these businesses, CyberSoft has developed CyberManager. This is an online tool that allows businesses to manage their own cybersecurity, enabling them to meet all privacy regulations and various ISO standards. With CyberManager, businesses can easily test their security and employees can be trained and tested for risk awareness. The latter is very important considering the many and increasingly damaging recent ransomware attacks. Small and medium-sized business are usually the victims, and with increased user risk awareness, many of these incidents can be prevented.

The client base is growing rapidly and the first customers in the small-to-medium business segment have also subscribed. These include building companies, IT providers and other suppliers who work proactively to meet requirements imposed by clients such as the government and healthcare industry. For the Netherlands, CyberSoft aims in the short term to acquire 200 CyberManagement clients in the small-to-medium business sector. The company also has its eye on international prospects. The first Belgian customers have already subscribed, and they have two partners in France who will be rolling out CyberManager for the French market. There are also future plans to set up markets in Germany and Spain.

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