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Air purifiers

Director Cesar Overmars’ father was a highly driven innovator. In 2004, he started a web shop in air purification systems together with his son, Cesar – an innovative move at the time! It was the beginning of a highly successful business. In 2008, Cesar started working in the business full-time.

Air treatment systems

What started out with just one air purification system for the consumer market (for smoke, odours, pets, allergens and dust) has now grown into a professional business in quality air treatment systems for both the professional and the consumer market. Cesar Overmars: ‘In 2009, we partnered up with a new, highly professional and reliable supplier. Since then, the company’s growth has skyrocketed!’

iTEC is active in the Benelux and the German-speaking part of Europe as a supplier of high-quality air purification products. The products are directly supplied from the various manufacturers, and the company is an exclusive agent of air treatment products from PureAirPro, Innova, HALE, Idealin, SNE and Airbi. iTEC also represents the brands Winix, Coway, Aerial and Sharp. Director Cesar Overmars: ‘A few years ago, we started supplying monoblock air conditioners, systems without an external unit. This proved to be a huge success because of their proven quality and reliability’. iTEC has grown into an important player on the Benelux market in the monoblock air conditioning field.

Bespoke advice

iTEC gladly gives bespoke advice and draws up customised quotes for professional applications such as in the hotel and catering industry, offices or medical facilities where air purification, treatment or sterilisation is required. Their wide range of services ensures that there is a solution for every standard application.

Business model

iTEC has grown into a multifaceted company. Their activities include import, export, development, and system fine-tuning, through both traditional delivery channels and sales via their online store.

Export Countries

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