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Jasper Rietman


The Geertruidentuin in Deventer is a hotbed of creativity, where several different sectors are represented. In the old hospital complex, Jasper Rietman, illustrator and comic artist, has his studio.
His workspace is 6 m2, which is enough for a table where he can draw his sketches on paper. A laptop and a drawing pad, many pens and markers, sorted by colour in a small box. A book case with some magazines and prints on the wall.
Jasper: “Enough space to make my daily drawings and comics.” On the wall behind him the first pages from the comic book Exodus that will be published in 2018. The garden can be seen through the window.

From the New York Times to the Guardian, Jaspers prints have been published. Every other week on Sunday, he delivers a print to the Guardian. An illustration for an opinion piece. A job that is finished in six hours. After delivering some sketches with his ideas for a print, the editors pick their favourite. After a fiat, Jasper can finish his print. Efficient and clear.
Every week, a print appears in the Standaard. In addition to the American and English papers and magazines, Dutch newspapers are also provided with his drawings. They can often be found in the opinion section.

Japer’s colour palettes are diverse and also depend on the client and/or the article the print is for. Finding metaphors for a strong image, so the reader can visualise the article because of the print. That is one of his goals. An illustration that is a standalone piece and strengthens the text.

As an illustrator, you need to know about all aspects of doing business. “You are an entrepreneur and have to show the world what you have to offer and what added value that has.” Drawing comics is one of the most important parts of this work. He also places the comics on his website, FB and Instagram, so the world can follow him. Jasper: “On social media, there is room for improvement. I know that there are illustrators who get many jobs after posting their illustrations on Insta or FB. A world to be conquered for me and many others.”

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Jasper Rietman | Jasper Rietman