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Dry ice blasting machines


Dry ice blasting machines

Jan Willem Muilerman has spent his entire working career in technical and commercial functions. His most recent employer was Südstrahl GmbH in southern Germany. This family business produces dry ice blasting machines. With these machines, hard-to-clean dirt such as oil, fat, resin, glue, ink, plastic, rubber, colouring, bitumen, paint and gum is removed quickly and effectively without using environmentally damaging chemicals.

In 2018, Jan Willem started for himself as a distributor under the name Jinnovation.

Products & services

Südstrahl GmbH

With his most recent employer, Südstrahl GmbH, Jan Willem took over the dealership in the Benelux, and is also allowed to sell their products in North-West Germany. Jan Willem: ‘This product is relatively new and has many benefits. We sell on average one every four weeks and I expect to sell about twenty-five more in 2019.’

Cleaning with dry ice is the perfect solution for cleaning machines and installations because parts do not have to be removed during the cleaning process. With this method of in-line cleaning, the production downtime is minimalised, and no residues are left behind, as opposed to cleaning with for example sand or glass beads.


Jan Willem is also the distributor for the British company Meech. Meech is a leading supplier for static control and cleaning equipment in production processes. Meech is active on a global scale with six locations (production/sales/marketing) and more than 65 worldwide distributors. Jan Willem will serve the Dutch and German market for Meech. Jan Willem: ‘The German market is very big. I have a good command of the written and spoken language and that makes contacting German buyers much easier. Personal contact is very important here. This often happens during fairs, but also in direct contact with the customer.’


Static control products, when not functioning properly, can lead to product stagnation and/or a lower quality product. In extreme cases, it can even lead to explosions. Jan Willem offers inspections/audit services to proactively deal with any potential issues.

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | Luxembourg


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