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Transport company

J&J Verskoeriers

Transport company

J&J Verskoeriers was established in 2008 by Jan and José Overmars. Jan had spent his entire career in various logistics positions when he discovered a gap in the market for climate-controlled courier services. Although the economic crisis struck not long after the business started out, the company has grown rapidly since then. In 2021, J&J Verskoeriers moved to a much larger location on the Leigraaf 51 in Twello.

Chilled and frozen transport

The fleet consists of 20 vehicles, ranging from a small delivery van to a large truck. Their large customer base is diverse. J&J offers courier services for many logistics providers and food businesses within a 30-kilometre radius. Jan Overmars: ‘Many of the local companies we run courier services for transport fresh produce. We are often called in to deliver back-orders or to provide express deliveries to ensure that shops don’t end up with empty shelves. This includes situations like when a truck breaks down on the road or when products need to be recalled. We enjoy a solid reputation in the food logistics sector. Our customers can trust us to arrange everything with just one simple phone call. We’re often at the location within an hour and drive straight from the customer to the other side of Europe if we have to.’

Hazardous goods

Another large customer segment besides the food industry is the chemicals industry. J&J Verskoeriers meets every legal requirement to transport hazardous goods (ADR). The vans are equipped with a full ADR-set, including orange plates, fire extinguishers and special protective clothing. All chauffeurs are trained and in possession of an ADR certificate. J&J Snelkoeriers is also frequently asked to perform regular courier services. For instance, they transport machine parts throughout Europe to ensure that production lines are up and running at short notice.

Web-based logistics

A relatively new company activity is web-based logistics. J&J Verskoeriers currently delivers orders for chilled and frozen products on behalf of several food-service companies to businesses and consumers in the eastern part of the Netherlands. This service is growing rapidly and makes a welcome addition to their other courier services.

Export Countries

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