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Textile company

JMA Benelux

Textile company

Since 1958 JMA Benelux has produced plain and patterned towels, beach towels, bath robes, cushions and kitchen textiles. These are sold under their own brand names including Elias, Arkhipelagos, Nicoleta, Coelima, Home Concept and Jorzolino. They also make textiles for retail concerns, designers and producers of promotional gifts under their brand names. The company has a staff of seven.

More Textile Group

In 2011 JMA became part of the Portuguese textile giant More Textile Group, the largest producers of household textiles in Europe. Their factories in Portugal cover 320.000 m2 and have a monthly production capacity of more than 320 tons. JMA has an extensive collection of textiles and most items are in stock. The firm supplies products to large, retail outlets throughout The Netherlands and Belgium and also to small, independent retailers: textile stores, cook shops, garden centres.


What sets JMA apart from competitors in the Far East is the quality of its products. Account manager Dave Bosman: “Our factory has high quality standards which distinguishes us from competitors, and this is well known in the marketplace. We use sustainable raw materials and in this we are ahead of the field. Our customers find sustainability increasingly important. We also make more and more use of Eco Heather; this is a process which makes use of recycled cotton so that a product is made up of 90% recycled cotton. Our factories have their own water treatment plants and the necessary certificates to show they meet all (environmental) standards”. Recently, more companies and dealers in promotional gifts have found their way to JMA for promotional textiles such as special jacquard woven bath towels, beach towels in company colours and/or distinctive bath robes and duvet covers. JMA can produce these in small quantities for an affordable price; bath textiles are available from 300 kilos and tea and kitchen towels from 1,000 items.

Focus Belgium

Future focus will be on further growth in Belgium.

There is a new sales team there and JMA expects to reap the benefits in the coming years. In the past, the company concentrated on supplying larger retail chains, but now they are making more contacts with independent retailers. Growth is also expected in Scandinavia and Germany; although there is no specific focus on these areas, exports are growing.

Export Countries

Belgium | Luxembourg | Germany | Switzerland | Sweden | Finland


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