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Justro Mediaproducties

Media company

JuStRo Mediaproducties creates content for every type of media imaginable. From blog to vlog, from script to book, from column to presentation, from social media post to newsletter. In addition, entrepreneurial owner Juliëtte Rosenkamp is a successful writer of children’s books.

Renewed children’s literature

It started in 2012 when Juliëtte, a teacher at an elementary school in Deventer, entered a contest to win a publication contract for the best children’s book. Juliëtte won and this first book was published in three countries: China, the United States and Denmark (and the Netherlands of course!). This first children’s book was called ‘Counting and rhyming with the Mouse family’.

Geronimo Stilton

In the meantime, Juliëtte has turned her writing into a profession. With the help of her Belgian publisher, she has already published more than 25 children’s books.

She now writes Geronimo Stilton books at AVI-level (levels to learn how to read in elementary school). In January next year, four Geronimo Stilton books will have been ‘converted’ by her, so children in first and second grade will also be able to read about the world’s most famous mouse by themselves. They are existing stories, but rewritten in a simpler reading level.

Juliëtte: “A wonderful challenge! And to be “allowed” to rewrite existing stories, that are also very popular with children – as long as I don’t derogate from the story line and the characters – I find such a big honour. I remember my publisher calling me to ask me if I wanted to do this. I almost fell out of my chair. I found it so awesome.”

Sesame Street

In addition to writing children’s books, Juliëtte also works in Hilversum. She produces vlogs for the lifestyle and branded content program Mijn Leven, Mijn Gezondheid (My Life, My Health) on RTL4, and she writes for the well-known children’s TV show Sesame Street. In addition to books, she also writes columns and other content for offline and online media for publishers. She currently writes columns for the online magazine Wine-Up.

Juliëtte is positive about the future. Her work is varied and challenging and gives her satisfaction. She will definitely continue writing!

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