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Online Marketing Company


Online Marketing Company

An agency that was one of the first to share its specialism, online marketing, with the world by creating several different online trainings. Trainings in the field of online marketing, advertising, conversion and search engine optimisation are available at the KGOM academy.

Owners Karel Geenen and Henk Jan Dulon Barre’s knowledge and expertise led to the founding of their own company in 2006. From 2015, Hanno Buiten has been KGOM’s director. They provide B2B and B2C customers with the right content, so the customers can get the most out of their online campaigns and achieve the conversions they are aiming for. In other words, increasing sales and therefore increasing profit.

The company’s expertise has led to new insights into a rapidly changing online world. Constantly following changes, innovating and responding to new developments of the internet are goals that KGOM fulfils every day. Answering customer questions and particularly guiding its customers for more visibility and findability online.

Audit – Plan – Execute With the model Audit – Plan – Execute, plans for customers are being executed within 180 days. In the audit phase, several different analyses are being executed by interviewing the customer about their website, target groups and the data they want to collect. A ‘customer journey’ is also being created. This is how company goals are made visible. The Plan phase is used to provide the goals the customer wants to achieve with KPIs. An extensive plan in which the work process is divided into comprehensible steps.

In the Execute phase, the goals and the KPIs are integrated using the following successive steps: See – Think – Do – Care, which Google uses as well. KGOM of course keeps guiding and supporting customers during the realisation of their goals.

The online approach has also led to good results in Belgium, Flanders more specifically, where several customers are served by KGOM. This Dutch-speaking area fits well into KGOM’s set goals. A Flemish market that is in development and where KGOM sees opportunities for further growth.

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