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Interior advice


Interior advice

In 1994, Mary-Rose founded her company KnowVision. The company’s core business is bringing the mind set of persons and companies into balance with the use of the personal and the company’s core values. The company is divided into two important services: coaching and the interior design of company spaces.

Feng Shui
For both services, Mary-Rose uses both NLP as Eastern philosophy Feng Shui. This 4000 year old art is all about influencing energies with the use of the environment. It teaches which influences have influence on and shape the well-being and happiness of human beings. Feng Shui focuses on harmony between natural and created elements.

Mary-Rose: “The first impression at a company is often very decisive. This determines whether you feel welcome or not. Almost everything about this first impression is non-verbal. It is important to be aware of that. Many companies are just kind of messing around with it. When you really acknowledge this and start taking action, you will achieve results.” As an example, she takes a friend’s restaurant. It was not going very well and it was tough to figure it out because the food and the service had always received positive feedback. With the use of Feng Shui, his restaurant was redecorated. This mostly meant leaving a lot of things out (it was too “full”) and painting the walls red. The result was a turnover increase of 40%. In addition to restaurants, Mary-Rose also works for production companies. The interior design of Thalens Hengelo’s showroom was inspired by the bridge of a marine ship, for example.

The German turnover came about through a Dutch customer who had recommended Mary-Rose with a German business relation. Through word of mouth, multiple jobs have been fulfilled in Germany. Mary-Rose has redecorated a wellness centre, a school, a pharmacy and a restaurant. In addition to decorating company spaces, Mary-Rose also gives lectures in Germany.

Mary-Rose likes working with Germans. “In the beginning, they are often a little reserved, but when the ice has been broken, it is great working with them. Germans are much more about quality and less about prices and agreed is agreed. They never break their promises and they pay very quickly. Therefore, I like to keep working in Germany.”

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