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Konstruktiebedrijf van Straaten

Industrial supplier

Industrial supplier Van Straaten was established in 1991 with an extensive initial range in construction work, repair and maintenance services. The company specialises in manufacturing single units and small series for the construction, industrial and semi-governmental sectors. Van Straaten has at its disposal an extensive range of conventional and CNC machinery for subtractive and additive manufacturing and has an in-house construction department. 20 professionals work at Van Straaten.

Most of their customers are manufacturing industries within an hour’s drive of their Twello location. These include countless well-known names. The customer relationships are usually long-term partnerships. Director Luc van Straaten: ‘We often operate as an extension of our customers’ in-house technical services. Our employees have extensive all-round knowledge, are no-nonsense, and work quickly and professionally. If there is a problem, we solve it quickly and efficiently, often that same day. This forms the basis for long-term partnerships; our customers value us.’

Existing installations are therefore professionally maintained by Van Straaten. Machine parts are revised and modified where required to increase their lifespan. The customers work closely with Van Straaten’s in-house engineering department. The customer signals a problem or an area for improvement and often has a desired outcome in mind. The engineering team discusses options with them and draws up a solution in 3D; the implementation team then builds the solution or construction. The result is installed turn-key at the customer location. The employees are instructed on its use, and the product is ready to do its job.

Business abroad

The company has developed highly specialised expertise in specific fields over the years. Many of their customers operate internationally, so Van Straaten’s designed, developed and manufactured solutions are occasionally implemented abroad. This happens with single units, but also with repeat orders or series of items.


The company process of revising and repairing machine lines is all about improving sustainability. If you can fix it, you don’t have to buy it. Van Straaten takes this philosophy further. 350 solar panels line the roof of their 1,000-m2 company hall, and they work with an electric forklift truck. This means that Van Straaten operates on a zero-energy basis.

The future

The company has a solid customer base that continues to grow through positive word-of-mouth advertising. The Van Straaten team is young and ambitious, and the second generation of the Van Straaten family is warming up to take over the family business. Regarding the future, the company is expected to grow both in terms of customers and the space needed to accommodate future business.

Export Countries

Germany | France | Turkey


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