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Shrink packaging


Shrink packaging

Krehalon produces a range of high quality barrier shrink-wrapping, specially designed for fresh and processed meat, cheese, fish, poultry, wild meat and pizza. All shrink-wrapping has been based on technologies that were designed in-house. In particular ML40, a shrink-wrapping with a unique combination of gas and moisture barrier. Krehalon is one of the bigger players in the market of shrink-wrapping. The company has locations in England, Belgium and France. It has a total number of 260 employees, of which 200 work in Deventer. Additionally, they have sister companies in Australia, North America and Vietnam.

The strength of shrink-wrapping is that it has a minimal thickness, is puncture-resistant and has high gloss and clarity. This type of packaging for food products helps extent the shelf life of packed products and therefore prevents spoilage. A good example of shelf life are liver sausages. When the sausages are taken out of their packaging, dehydration and discolouring quickly become visible. Inside the packaging, however, the product will stay edible longer, as long as it is being cooled. The shrink-wrapping can be printed for commercial or informative purposes.

Collaboration with customers
Krehalon produces films for fully automated and efficient packaging systems such as FormShrink and FloVoc and thus offers high productivity, reduced labour costs and a much lower failure rate. With two fully equipped packing lines, customers are supported in the packing and repacking of their products during the start-up phase of their companies. That is how several different films are tested. The technical knowhow of Krehalon helps to indicate precisely how the packaging should be realised and how they fit around the product. Which foil fits the product the best, and what should customers keep in mind during the packing process? Collaborating with customers for the best packing film result.

Export ambition
A special export performance is the growth in Oceania and Russia, which is running to full satisfaction. Because of the developments in the packing industry, Krehalon will be able to contribute to a growth of dozens of percentages in revenue during the coming years.

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