Earth-moving machines

Krommenhoek Machines

Earth-moving machines

Krommenhoek is a third-generation family business (founded in 1955), specialized in worldwide purchase and sale of new and used earth-moving machines. The five employees of Krommenhoek make sure that 600 of these machines are being sold on an annual basis. Like this they can be used in all parts of the world in various sectors.

Service in earth-moving machines

Director Martijn Krommenhoek: “We are a real trade company. The company has once started as transportation and trade firm in the broadest sense of the word. Later we specialized in the forklift trade. We still supply forklifts to many customers in the Netherlands. In recent years the focus has shifted to all types of machines for construction and logistics, such as Shovels, excavators of 1 to 50 tons, cherry pickers, work platforms and so on. Our service goes beyond buying and selling. We make sure that the transportation, any repairs, special adaptations or maintenance are taken care of before the machine goes to the customer”.

These customers are spread all over the world. About 70% of the turnover comes from abroad. Almost 40% is sold in Europe, almost 10% in Africa, 10% in Asia and the rest comes from the rest of the world.
Krommenhoek has a fixed group of customers who order on a regular basis, but there is an even bigger group that orders ad hoc. “Most customers only replace the machine when it is at the end of its life. For us this means that we must be very easy to find on the internet at all times. Therefor we are advertising a lot online in many different countries. Sometimes it also happens that customers place searches with us. Thanks to our big network we can quickly find the requested machine to offer the customer what he is looking for.

Future opportunities

Krommenhoek is a trading company that is dependent on the market. Because of the global coverage the company is less dependent of a certain country or continent. Martijn: “We have a strong position in the earth-moving machines and we expect to maintain this and even expand a little. If somewhere in the world the economy is doing less good, then this offers purchasing opportunities for us, while elsewhere in the world everything is going well with a big demand. We try to stay sharp and market as many machines as possible, through Apeldoorn, in this way.”

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