Crane rental company


Crane rental company

Kuiphuis started out in 1908 as a grocer’s and tobacconist shop. It soon transformed into an ironmonger and later a bodywork construction shop. Because the latter involved lifting equipment, the company started to focus on that part of their activities. Since then, the business has grown into one of the larger crane rental companies in the Netherlands, with seven locations and almost 100 employees in the northern, southern and central regions of the Netherlands.

One of Kuiphuis’ main working areas is the construction field. You can find almost 90 cranes at numerous construction sites throughout the country. These cranes are very varied: from a rough terrain crane to mobile telescopic tower cranes and static tower cranes. Most of the work takes place around the various Kuiphuis locations. Director Bob Bruijsten: ‘We like to be close to our customers and that’s why we have seven different locations, allowing us to work quickly and efficiently. Another distinguishing feature is our focus on modernisation and innovation. We like to take the lead in that respect. For example, we have the first fully electric crane, and we are leading in the introduction of new types of cranes.’


The Kuiphuis family business likes to make an extra effort for people, planet and profit. The business is strongly focused on its employees, also providing opportunities for people who are distanced from the labour market. This results in a staff who are highly committed to their work and each other: ‘we get the job done together’. Besides having the first electric crane, of which more will follow, there is also a lot of focus on sustainability. The company carries out a lot of lifting work for placing solar panels on roofs, and Kuiphuis’ locations are highly energy-efficient and supply their own energy through solar panels.

German location

In the early 1990s, many Dutch construction companies moved across the border to Germany. Kuiphuis moved along with their partners and opened a German location just across the border in Bad Bentheim. Internationalisation at Kuiphuis works both ways. Construction companies from abroad like to rent Kuiphuis for their Dutch projects and Dutch construction companies do the same for their projects abroad. A thorough knowledge of the English and German language makes Kuiphuis a valued partner for international clients.

Market leader in unique tread-mounted tower cranes

A strong growth market is the rental of tread-mounted tower cranes. These can easily be moved, making them more efficient at construction sites. Only three of these cranes exist in the Netherlands and two of them belong to Kuiphuis. These cranes are also scarce in Germany; they are being implemented increasingly abroad as well.

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | Denmark | UK


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