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Supporting entrepreneurs

Lammers Support Group

Supporting entrepreneurs

Apeldoorn native Johan Lammers was a highly successful passenger and commercial vehicle salesman at a Fiat dealer in Veenendaal. He later continued his career as an importer of what was then Daewoo (now Chevrolet), where he counselled car dealers on their journey to greatness. As an entrepreneur, he set up a car dealer holding with 120 employees. After having sold the business in 2016, he decided to help other companies and organisations become just as successful as he was.

Develop the wow factor!

Johan Lammers: ‘I see that many directors take too little time for personal development and pleasure. Many businessmen live to work, and that is a shame. The solution isn’t to work harder but to engage the “wow factor” with your clients and staff. Turn your customers and staff into ambassadors or – better yet – fans!’ To do this, Johan has developed a wide selection of tools ranging from coaching, workshops, training, events, travelling and even a self-authored book about hospitality and sales in its purest form.


Johan often hears back from his customers that he doesn’t only preach the wow factor but that he draws from his own experiences as a businessman, and that is what appeals to them. That is the reason why his training sessions are consistently rated between an eight and a ten. Johan likes to go the extra mile and lead by example. Johan combines his training with tours to unusual locations with exceptional team-building activities about ten times a year. Examples include car rallies on the glaciers of Iceland, safari and ballooning in Botswana and Namibia, and dog sledding tours in wintry Sweden. The combination of unique locations, one-of-a-kind experiences and training ensures that what the participants learn won’t easily be forgotten. Entrepreneurs often return to their work feeling refreshed and reborn, and their staff and customers immediately notice the change.

Ten-minute training

One of his regular travel destinations is the NADA car show in America. During this trip, he also meets with car dealers. Johan noticed while he was there that they start each business day with a short ten-minute sales training. By doing this daily, the content of the training is retained much more quickly. This inspired Johan to develop an e-learning programme with daily ten-minute training sessions over 40 days. He is currently running pilots with this programme, and the initial feedback looks very promising.

Export Countries

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