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Personnel Placement


Personnel Placement

Larex Personeelsbemiddeling (Larex Staff Mediation) is part of DIT Holding. Other brands within our holding are: DIT Personeel (DIT Staff) and Persolvo. Together they have 17 locations in the Netherlands. DIT Holding’s main location is in Waardenburg. Larex’s main location is in Deventer.

Larex delivers flexible qualified personnel for the sectors Technology – Construction – Metal and the Painting sector. Larex intensively supports its qualified staff and pays much attention to the transfer of knowledge regarding working in the Netherlands. This includes subjects such as safety on the workplace, the work activities, insurances and accommodation. Their VCU, SNF and SNA certifications stress Larex’s care for their employees.

Well-known references of Larex are: ENGIE, Unica, Breman, BAM and, closer to home, Painting company Wolters. Larex is a member of the NBBU sector organisation.

Through intensive campaigns, foreign qualified talent ends up at Larex Personeelsbemiddeling. Larex is active in Germany – Poland – Slovakia – Czech Republic – Hungary – Romania – Spain and of course in the Netherlands.

Larex takes care of training, materials, transport, certified accommodation and salary payment, so we always have expert, reliable and flexible professionals available for your projects in the Netherlands. Unique are our 7 guarantees:

1. Safety always comes first
2. Expert in your sector and field
3. Countrywide coverage, but locally active
4. Recruitment domestically and abroad
5. Always in line with laws and regulations
6. Qualified professionals
7. Equipped with the right material

Flexibility – capacity – continuity – certainty. That is what we deliver. We provide staffing of the required level with clear guarantees! 100% for professionals, that is what Larex stands for!

Export Countries

Germany | Poland | Slovakia | Czech Republic | Hungary | Romania | Spain


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