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Research & Development


Research & Development

Passionate about electronics and expert in satellite dishes, Jan ten Thije tells about his hobby, which he divided into two companies, Leap Development and GTT Systems. Leap Development – connecting global technologies – the company that engages in research & development and focusses on the development and refinement of electronics. Leap Development is a value added developer (VAD) and value added manufacturer (VAM) for Iridium (satellite network) in the Netherlands. Leap Development develops products with 100% worldwide coverage, for the tracing of and communicating with objects everywhere in the world, even in the most desolate areas.

A selection from the assortment
An autonomous maritime tracking system of which a White label edition of type no. Hawkeye 6200 has been bought by Americans and the company carries out the data communication.

-Air cooler, for a company in Raalte.
Developing a circuit board and the related software for an alternative air cooler on the basis of water evaporation. Very suitable for large buildings. The air cooler leads to energy costs savings on over 80% in compared to tradition air conditioners.

-The KeyConductor
A key control system for which circuit boards and embedded firmware have been designed for the intake and issuance of keys.

-Tracker for helicopters and small airplanes
Leap Development has designed and developed an Iridium communication, track & trace device for usage in helicopters and small airplanes in collaboration with International Aero Navigation Systems Concern, JSC (IANS) from Russia.

The second company is GTT Systems – global tracking & tracing systems. This company mainly focuses on the marketing. After all, sales is a different ballgame. This way, the technicians and engineers can continue to focus on the development and refinement of ingenious products.

The developments in the high tech industry rapidly evolve. The product life cycle is short, up to three years, as the technology then becomes outdated. “This trend requires discipline, creativity and the ability to innovate,” says Ten Thije. “You do not want to fall behind, but want to take the lead and excel.” This vision is paying off for both companies.

Because of the global coverage of the Iridium satellite network, individuals and/or objects are always traceable. Considering the changing political opinions, this will lead to new questions and perhaps opportunities.

Export Countries

Denmark | Finland | Great Britain | Norway | Sweden | Australia | Dubai | Lebanon | Nigeria | Russia | Canada | United States


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