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Livec is a Dutch design studio, specialised in lighting, and was founded by Elmer Tenkink in 2014. Elmer is a trained industrial designer and ended up at an auction of Hala Zeist, the last lampshade factory of the Netherlands, after a search for industrial furniture. He decided to bid on dozens of moulds of the lampshades, of which many were vintage designs. Now, Livec is the only lampshade manufacturer in the Netherlands.

Dutch design

In the Antwerpenweg, Elmer has built a machinery with which he can produce the designs he or a customer have come up with or successful designs from the past with craftsmanship. “Our lamps stand out because of the nice shapes and exclusive colours. The honesty of the materials and the love for craftsmanship are reflected in them. Our motto is therefore Love Design Craft. With this, we stand for real, honest Dutch design made in Holland.” Important for good lighting is that it complies with the present safety requirements. Despite our lamps being made of Livec custom work, they all comply with the European CE standards.

Every month, Livec produces around 150 to 200 lamps. These find their way to individuals and companies. Many hotels and restaurants are customers of Livec. They want to welcome their guests in an impressive and warm atmosphere and give them an experience the customer does not have at home. Livec’s unique and special lights indirectly increase turnover in a heavily competitive sector. Recently, Elmer delivered the complete lighting for a new restaurant in Berlin. In addition to restaurants, Livec also supplies many lighting companies. Elmer: “We produce many private labels for several clients. It is nice and also inspiring work.”

Steel design cabinets

In Livec’s showroom, two steel display cabinets are on display. Elmer has made these entirely custom made with the use of steel and rivets. With a black finish, it looks nice and industrial. The first orders for these have already come in.

Growth in hospitality sector

Elmer thinks it is possible to grow significantly further in the hospitality sector in especially Germany, where there is more eye for quality. Scandinavia, Belgium and France are also interesting countries. In addition, Livec is focussing on retail possibilities.

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