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Indoor positioning technology

Locus Positioning

Indoor positioning technology

Locus Positioning was established in 2015 by Wouter van Kleunen. The business originated as a spin-off from the University of Twente (UT). Both businesses have developed a patented new positioning technology which allows people to follow and trace assets quickly and easily.

The Locus indoor positioning technology creates the possibility of following people and assets and offers navigation services in and within environments where GPS is not available or too expensive. The Locus software offers superior accuracy (usually within less than a metre indoors) in comparison to other positioning systems. Wouter: ‘This makes us unique in the market. Our software is easy to use, which brings a significant decrease in training costs and a user-friendly tool for employees with a less educated background.

Schiphol asset tracking

One example of asset tracking is Schiphol Airport. The problem with Schiphol is that goods and equipment are used by many different people at many different locations. This often makes items difficult to find when you need them urgently. This is highly inefficient and the reason why many companies purchase additional equipment to avoid having to look for items. Locus Positioning technology has successfully been tested for following internal assets on the D pier at Schiphol. With just 13 beacons spread out over an area of more than 500 metres by 250 metres, it was possible to follow assets within a range of approximately 8-9 metres. Positioning was carried out without any site calibration. In fact, Locus Positioning had never visited the site before! This shows that positioning based on signal strength can be used to offer a cost-effective and accurate positioning system. Locus is now engaged in talks with Schiphol regarding further implementation of the technology and the first steps have been taken to implement a similar system at Dusseldorf Airport. The Locus technology can be used for other applications. The possibilities for logistics companies are also highly promising. For instance, Deventer business ARHMA has ‘smart’ pallets equipped with Locus technology. The pallets can always be traced. The healthcare industry has also discovered Locus. The first hospitals are using Locus technology to quickly trace beds and equipment. Even the visitors at the hospitals benefit from Locus. Hospitals are often large and complex buildings for visitors. Via the Locus smartphone application, they are guided quickly and efficiently through the hospital. This is also done at RAI Amsterdam during the many fairs and conferences that are held there. Locus will also implement this application in China. Through contacts at the UT, Locus is now working with a hospital in China. Wouter: ‘The hospitals in China are even larger and more complex than here in the Netherlands. We have set up a pilot there, and should we be successful, we will have a whole new market for our product.’

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