Software and technology company


Software and technology company

The vehicles of the American army use a lot of fuel, so it is useful if you can refuel quickly, because that is often necessary. Well that is possible: the vehicles refuel contactless. The software was realized by Luminis from the Netherlands, who previously carried out the ‘My Fuel Master’ project in the United States. It is one of the company’s products, which specializes in consultancy in addition to manufacturing its own products.

Luminis, the art of software engineering

Luminis started in Arnhem in 2002, 6 years later the company opened their second branch in Apeldoorn, this number has now grown up to five. The company has 160 employees, 36 of whom are in Apeldoorn. The turnover amounts to around 14 million per year. The aim of Luminis is to add value to its clients through technology and the application of innovation. One of the ways is to develop your own products or semi-finished products as a project accelerator. Luminis has developed the InformationGrid: a data platform that saves information and its history in a smart way. With the InformationGrid it is possible that the history is saved when the format of telephone numbers and bank account numbers changes. Another example is the Cloud RTI, a scalable Cloud platform that allows you to work safely and quickly with five or fifty thousand people. Luminis is active in education, healthcare, financial services, government and industry.

Only 10% of the total turnover of Luminis is export-related. Exporting at Luminis is not only a matter of the network, it also arises because employees of the company regularly write books. This leads to questions from all over the world and that sometimes leads to assignments abroad. In English-speaking countries, such as the United States, service provision is easiest, because the language barrier is the smallest there. In the coming years Luminis wants to increase exports from 10 to 30%. This can be done by selling more products and using open source. The market for this is larger abroad than in the Netherlands. Luminis is also actively examining ways to enable exponential growth by, for example, taking a risk-bearing part in innovations.



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