Industrial Automation


Industrial Automation

MA-IT My Automation helps businesses and organisations successfully carry out projects in the field of industrial automation engineering.

The business distinguishes itself through the knowledge and know-how of more than 115 employees. These are all highly skilled engineers, programmers and consultants from a large variety of branches.

Internationally active

MA-IT works with 90 employees in its offices in Deventer, Son, Gorinchem and Hilversum. The development of these locations was a natural process. The employees live across the country. Gorinchem is more specialised in nautical/oil/gas while Son is more high-tech. Deventer specialises in machine production and process engineering. MA-IT’s clients and partners are Dutch but because they work on an international scale, MA-IT can also often be found in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the USA as consultants and for the installation of production lines.

In-house training centre

At the new Deventer site measuring 2,000 m2, MA-IT has set up their own training centre, the Experience Centre. Malas: ‘Our Experience Centre gives students, beginning and experienced engineers the opportunity to quickly gain a lot of knowledge. Everyone who comes to work for us, without exception, must first undergo a training of between two and six months, where the engineers receive personal guidance on developing their hard and soft skills. After completing the academy, the engineers go to work on our challenging products.

It is not hard to become enthusiastic about the possibilities of technical IT at the Experience Centre. Here you will find 3D printers, robots, an automated warehouse and an in-house soft drinks factory where you can do your own bottling automation. In addition to employee training, the space is also used to orient technically schooled HBO (higher vocational school) and university students on the possibilities of IT engineering. For example, the business works together with study groups to organise summer schools where 30 students work in groups on real-life case studies.


MA-IT expects the rate of growth from previous years to continue. In the short term, the business is expected to grow to 150 employees.

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