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ICT solutions


ICT solutions

MailStreet began in 1993, to help organisations communicate more effectively with clients. It translates client data into personal and distinctive print, mail or digital messages and manages the whole process up to delivery to the doormat or mailbox of the receiver. Backed up by years of experience and state-of-the-art ICT solutions, messages are made to measure and sent to the various target groups, digitally where possible, on paper for more impact. Traditionally, MailStreet is the address for personal distribution of large-scale mailings. Think of Direct mail, invoicing, information folders, (health) insurance policies and conditions, customer surveys and other personalised means of communication. These have one thing in common: they are all contact moments that offer a company the chance to optimize relations with the client.


m-bridge is the new digital business unit of MailStreet, set up to help organisations deal with the increasing number of communication channels. These present challenges and problems for firms who need a consistent way to communicate omni-channel (a uniform and synchronized brand experience across all channels with information from one source). m-bridge helps them automate their business processes using smart applications and omni-channel tools. The developers not only design inventive and data-secure solutions to connect the business with its clients, they also help create optimum customer experience. The developers of m-bridge build web and e-mail applications, interactive websites, ‘my’ environments, and various connections between internal systems. But they have most fun unlocking data from various sources. The more data sources (silos), the greater the challenge. m-bridge converts them into one consistent, communication stream so that all streams tally. That is good for business and makes the customer happy. MailStreet (m-bridge) is a well-known and recognized player that feels at home dealing with various branches of industry. From fast food delivery to life insurers, from e-commerce companies to travel agents.

Office Mail

MailStreet unburdens organisations big and small with Office Mail, a simple and cost-saving solution to send business correspondence. Customers compile documents, simply, themselves, then with one click of the mouse MailStreet prints, inserts and sends them. This is ideal for letters, invoices, newsletters, pay slips etc. It cuts out several steps, avoids the need for large supplies of notepaper, envelopes and other office stationary, and saves on postage. This service has now also been developed for a partner in the Belgian market.

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