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MapGear is a young Geo-ICT company, founded in 2011 by Wouter Goedhart and Egbert Griffioen. The company develops innovative websites and apps based on geographical data and also offers complementary devices, such as geo tablets, GPS cameras and TouchTables.

Zonnekaarten (Solar maps) in 200 municipalities

It started with the development of the Zonnekaart, an application that maps out the suitability for solar panels for each building. The Zonnekaart is now being used by around 200 municipalities in the Netherlands and Belgium. In addition, MapGear offers variants of the Zonnekaart, such as the Groene Dakenkaart (online maps that provides insight into the potential for green roofs), Roof isolation map (insight into warmth loss because of badly isolated roofs) and the Asbestkaart (insight into roofs that might contain asbestos).


The number of map applications of MapGear has increased significantly during the past years and has led to a generic map platform called ‘GeoApps’. With this map application, customers have the possibility to easily create online maps on the basis of Excel files or databases. GeoApps is used by diverse municipalities, housing corporations and companies, that can now literally map out their information and make it accessible online because of this app. It is also possible to make combinations of different map layers or analyses and to perform calculations with the interactive map. Examples are project maps, road and land management maps, real estate maps (with buildings and development areas) and sustainability maps with the energy labels of all homes, for example.

At the moment, MapGear is working on digital camping site maps. These allow recreational companies to provide their pitches with information that is important for camping site guests, with of course the possibility to book their stay immediately.

TouchTable: ultimate conference tool

One of MapGear’s latest products is the TouchTable, a user-friendly MultiTouch table that can be used vertically and horizontally. It’s the ultimate tool for interactively involving conversational partners in an idea or project. Visualisation, inventory, presentation, cooperation: all without using a keyboard or mouse. A large, full HD or 4K screen and a strong PC on a wheeled chassis make this possible. By now, around 25 of them have been sold in the Netherlands and also in Bangladesh.

Growth to Germany

2018 is going to be about exporting to Germany. A German student will work on mapping out the German sales market and the export opportunities for MapGear’s different products and services in Germany for a year.

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | Bangladesh


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