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Hotel Packages

Mariëlle Beentjes established Marrea Hotelarrangementen in 2012. Following an education in hospitality, she came to work in the events industry. Organising and planning runs in her blood. An incidental advertisement for a self-arranged hotel package led to a lot of demand. She discovered a gap in the market, and being an entrepreneur through and through, she decided to do something about it and set up Marrea Hotelarrangementen.

Marrea Hotelarrangementen arranges fun and exciting hotel package deals at the finest locations in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Are you looking for an active holiday, or would you rather relax and unwind? With or without the kids? Would you like to enjoy fine food in Belgium, cycle through the Veluwe National Park, take a city trip to an exciting metropolis, or blow off some steam on one of the Frisian Islands off the coast? It’s all possible! Marrea offers affordable package deals at beautiful, unique locations.

Marrea Hotelarrangementen works independently from hotel chains and has the freedom to choose hotels that have that something special: a cosy family hotel, a romantic estate, a hotel in a listed building, a hotel in unique surroundings or a hotel with a fascinating interior. These well-thought-out choices and the fun extras make Marrea’s package deals so special.

Over the years, Mariëlle and four staff have built up a large and faithful customer base. Via email newsletters and the company magazine, the many hotels are presented at often surprisingly low rates. The staff process the website bookings and support the many fans via phone calls when they book their package.

A lot of work is carried out by a relatively small team. In a good year, this involves some 25,000 rooms at many different hotels.

National partners

Besides servicing their own customers with bespoke packages, special packages are also created for partner companies. For example, package deals are arranged for readers of various nationwide daily and weekly newspapers and magazines such as De Stentor, AD, Margriet, Libelle, VT Wonen. Marrea also arranges packages for large retailers such as Superunie and Douglas.

This requires a good eye for the market, as the profit margins are minimal. Cycling holidays are trendy at the moment, and guests aren’t just looking for accommodation; they’re looking for a unique experience. Marrea increasingly includes additional options to accommodate those needs. All this ensures that Marrea has many long-term business partners. It’s a fine sight to see how scheduled packages become fully booked and receive excellent from customers afterwards.

Export Countries

Belgium | Luxemburg | Germany


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