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Pallet wrapping machines

Matco International

Pallet wrapping machines

Matco is a manufacturer of pallet wrapping machines and conveyors. The head office and factory are located in Deventer. Additionally, Matco has a location in Waalwijk; a sales and service office in Wuppertal, Germany; its own production facility in China for the Asian market. Matco employs 46 people.

Matco designs and manufactures small and large pallet wrapping machines and conveyors. These are used in all companies that work with pallets. Companies who purchase a machine range from a potato farmer to multinationals such as Shell, Esso, Procter & Gamble, Bayer, Adidas and Sony. On a yearly basis, about 360 semi automatic machines are sold and over 80 large fully automated machines. 75 percent of sales comes from the export in Europe and over 5 percent from other countries. The company is growing significantly, in the last few years, the growth amounted to an average of 25 to 30% per year.

Matco received a special compliment from a new customer from Bangkok. The first machine was barely delivered when the second order was immediately placed, stating: “We didn’t look any further and a quote is not necessary”. Therefore, Matco is proud of the high loyalty of the staff. Staff turnover is low and 40 years of service at Matco is not an exception.

Export ambition
Matco is now mainly a major European player. The ambition is to become a global player. Europe holds a great sales potential. Within Europe, there are opportunities in Eastern Europe and the sales in Germany can still grow.

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