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Total supplier for mechatronics solutions

MCA linear motion robotics

Total supplier for mechatronics solutions

What started out in 1993 with linear robotics (Twello) and electric engines (Varsseveld) grew into a full-service supplier for mechatronics, industrial automation and robotic solutions. Through acquisition and autonomous growth, MCA strengthened its in-house expertise in electronic services, Eplan software and panel building. MCA has four locations spread out across the country. Since 2015, MCA is part of Rubix, Europe’s largest technical wholesaler for industrial applications.

As a market leader in Europe, Rubix supplies industrial products and services, supported with an increasing share of digital, warehouse management and engineering solutions. 8,000 employees from more than 650 locations in 23 countries identify, install and supply a top-of-the-line assortment of industrial products and services to over 222,000 customers. The Benelux head office is located in Son en Breugel near Eindhoven.

Linear robotics in Twello

With over 25 years’ experience in linear motion robotics and drive systems, the Twello location is the leading linear motion robotics specialist in the manufacturing and machine manufacturing industry in the Netherlands.

Linear means ‘straight’. In the technical field, the term ‘linear motion’ is often used for the mechanised movement to get something from A to B in one straight line. Examples include transport or positioning systems. Such systems are often found in the packaging, metalworking and foodstuff industries. Most of these customers are located in the Netherlands (95%) and surrounding countries. Many products also end up abroad via Dutch machine construction companies. This is more than 50%.

The linear centre in Twello has the Netherlands’ most extensive stock of linear motion products for the industrial market. The Product Engineering team actively supports customers with calculations, selection and 3D design. The axles, guides, spindles and racks from various renowned European manufacturers are held in stock in Twello. For the replacement parts market and new machines, the products are made to size and quickly dispatched.

The Twello location with its 18 full-time positions is a fast-growing department within the MCA group, which has 57 full-time jobs in total. In the past six years, this growth amounted to over 50%. With the continued demand for industrial automation, this growth is expected to continue. MCA’s combined expertise and experience in linear motion, drive and control systems, and robotics is unique in the market.

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