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Starter and protective cultures, functional additives and herbal mixtures

Meat Cracks Benelux

Starter and protective cultures, functional additives and herbal mixtures

Huub Wildenbeest grew up in the butcher trade from an early age. His studies were oriented entirely towards the meat sector, and to that end, he also studied abroad. He has implemented his expertise on innovations within the meat processing sector at various companies both locally and abroad. He has seen and worked in meat processing plants in over 45 countries. In 2013, Huub started his own business for marketing his expertise. Soon afterwards, he came into contact with the German company, Meat Cracks. The two business partners hit it off straight away, and Huub now carries out projects in collaboration with the Germans. That was such a success that he changed the name of his business into Meat Cracks Benelux.

Meat Cracks develops, produces and sells starter- and protective cultures, functional additives and spice mixtures for the food industry, particularly the meat and sausage products industry. With experienced experts and unique, innovative solutions, Meat Cracks has been offering customers worldwide a technological competitive edge for a wide range of products since its founding in 2001.

Research & development

Their main strength is the in-house research and development centre. Meat Cracks develops professional solutions for customer-specific projects, ranging from product development requests to trial production runs in the technical meat centre. Many industrial production situations are carried out with state-of-the-art equipment, from raw sausage maturing processes to cooked ham production.

Huub loves these innovative projects. With his years of experience, he accompanies his customers through most of their product journey. The German team in the technical meat centre does the rest. Huub acquires some of these projects himself, while others come in through the head office. The focus lies in the Benelux, but they have also carried out projects in France, Spain, and Italy through their existing network. They are fast-paced and intensive projects, where a lot has to be delivered in little time. What Huub enjoys most is visiting the supermarkets: ‘I see so many products that I have been involved with. That gives me a huge kick every time. That’s what makes all the hard work worthwhile: so your customers can run a successful business.’

After such customer journeys, the customer relationship usually remains. Bespoke combinations of spices and components are supplied to the customer at lightning-fast speeds and in smaller quantities, something that many competitors will not do. The company expects to continue its growth in the future.

Export Countries

Benelux | France | Spain | Italy


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