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Meesterlijk Geschikt


A gift of flowers says more than a thousand words. About the giver. About the receiver. About the situation. And about the maker. And that maker is owner Miranda ter Voorde: ‘My passion is to express beauty and emotion with flowers.’ During the first ten years of her career, she travelled the world as a freelancer to decorate events, fairs, weddings and shops with flowers. This brought her to locations such as Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bangkok, and all over Europe. In 2010, the focus shifted to more stability and less travel.

From their location in Apeldoorn, Miranda and her team supply shops, offices, events and parties with her floral creations. Each and every one of them is truly unique, and that’s the reason why Miranda has been crowned as the European champion of flower arrangements. Miranda has made a giant inspiration photobook from all her creations from around the world. This allows new and existing customers to see the kind of atmosphere flowers can bring to any space.

In 2013, she was given a unique assignment. Meesterlijk Geschikt was to design the first blossom tree for retail chain Rituals Cosmetics. This was initially a table-top blossom tree, but today four variants are available that can be made to size. The stems and branches are made from authentic wood that has been treated to make them guaranteed insect-proof. The silk blossoms are attached by hand to the tree with great attention to detail. These trees, averaging between three and five metres in height, have become the centrepieces of Ritual shops. The blossom trees were supplemented with planters and flower grids for the shop facades, providing Rituals customers with the ultimate customer journey in terms of experience and recognition.

The trees were such a success that Meesterlijk Geschikt was asked to decorate more and more shops of this fast-growing Dutch retail chain with them. Besides the many Dutch shops, her trees made their way to shops throughout Europe, the USA, UAE and Japan. Everything was prepared in Apeldoorn and assembled on site. A new development is the new flagship store concept: House of Rituals. For this design, the ‘shop tree’ was made a lot bigger: almost eight metres tall, with customised LED lighting and an actual swing.

Besides decorating shops and offices, Meesterlijk Geschikt devotes plenty of time to serving the local and regional market.

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