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Metaalgieterij Alliage


Metaalgieterij Alliage has its roots in the rich history of iron foundries in Deventer. It was founded in 1917 as a spin-off of Iron Foundry Nering Bögel. Back then, there was a need for casting other metals besides Iron. Alliage was founded for that purpose. At the moment, that is still Alliage’s core business. Alliage has seven employees.

Alliage casts nonferrous metals such as bronze, messing and aluminium, with sand forms in small series and special products for a group of customers. This varies from artists to off-shore and machine builders. For these customers, Alliage makes valves, connectors, lids, crane parts, ship’s equipment parts, installation productions, machine parts and decorative pieces.

What makes Alliage stand out is its unique knowledge of metal casting combined with quick delivery times for ad hoc work and repeating orders. Director Jeroen Dik explains that colleague-foundries often apply delivery times of around ten weeks. At Alliage, this is merely three weeks. Furthermore, customers praise the short communication lines and the direct contact: “We respond quickly in the interest of our customers and are always honest. That is appreciated much. We therefore have a very stable clientele, which we treat with care and we are very proud of,” Jeroen says.

In the past, Alliage has fulfilled a number of special jobs. It would take too much time to sum it all up. For example, Alliage has cast all eight signs, of each 120 kilos, in bronze for the old main office of ABN AMRO in the Vijzelstraat in Amsterdam. There are also still many old street signs on the facades of houses in Deventer that were cast by Alliage. Working with artists is also great. Every project is different, and it is always nice to see artworks in public spaces that you cast yourself.

Continuity is important for the future of Alliage. They do not aim for quick and hasty growth. It is about quick delivery and quality in a long-term customer relationship. Jeroen: “We feel comfortable with that. By working with customers with similar profiles and mentalities, you get the best out of each other.”

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