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Metos has been specialised in designing, installing and maintaining kitchens and caterings since 1977. This varies from delivering small kitchen equipment to the complete equipment for company restaurants. The kitchens are supplied to health care, retail, large company canteens and cruise ships. Metos is situated in business park A1 in Deventer and has 110 employees.

Food compost machine

Under export name Rendisk, Metos has designed a special food waste processing system. The food waste (including bones and shells) are thrown into a dumping spot, crushed, transported and stored as swill, which is (fluid) food waste. It is then dewatered, thanks to a special centrifuge technique. The volume of the food waste is reduced to up to 80%. The dry pulp that remains after using these food waste processing systems does not only have advantages when it comes to hygiene, but can also be processed to compost in an environmentally friendly way. When the customers wants to store the swill, it can later be used for bio gas installations for generating energy. This is a very environmentally friendly product that is expected to draw attention from all over the world.

In Abu Dhabi, the government is working on turning land that was reclaimed from the sea into a 100% sustainable peninsula. As a partner, Metos was asked to collect and compost all food waste from a number of hotels that are to be built there.


Export Countries

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