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In 1996, Mevo Travels was founded by Jan Jaap Meendering’s father and the first trip on the Trans-Siberia Express was booked. In 2013, Jan Jaap took over as manager of the company. The company organises trips with the Trans-Mongolian Express and the Trans-Siberian Express, as well as along the Silk Route. Mevo Travels has four employees.

With Mevo Travels, you can book a completely arranged trip to the world famous Trans-Siberian Express or Trans-Mongolian Express. The railway line runs from Moscow to Beijing or Vladivostok. Travellers can book online, but it is personal contact and custom work that make Mevo Travels stand out. Booking a trip goes beyond ordering a train ticket. In addition to all travel documents such as visas, the customer is informed extensively prior to departure. A train journey has many stopovers that can be utilised for an excursion to nearby attractions. Many of Mevo Travels’ travellers embark on a train journey of around three weeks, with stopovers, including excursions and transfers.

Furthermore, Mevo provides trips to central Asia on the historic Silk Route. The original trade route goes through former Soviet countries such as Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan and the mountains of Kirgizia. Closer near home, Mevo Travels offers trips to Kiev in combination with a visit to the surrealistic Chernobyl, with its abandoned city Pripyat and closed zone. The target group for these trips is diverse, of which those aged 50 and over and ‘luxurious backpackers’ prevail. What they have in common is that they are often interested and experienced travellers.

Mevo Travels focuses on the Dutch market and it wasn’t long before Belgium was added to the list. Agencies with European travel organisations have been signed under contract since 2015. These European organisations sell Mevo Travels under their own name.

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Mevo Travels also established the website in 2015. is an online travelling agency with a wide range of travels on offer. You can book a trip, organise your visa and fill in a list of items to take with you.


Mevo Travels wants to continue its growth of around 10% of the past years in the coming years. The short-term goal is to realise a milestone revenue of 1 million euros. Growth potential within Europe is possible through the German market.

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