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Backup of Company Data

Mindtime Backup

Backup of Company Data

Mindtime Backup has been focusing entirely on making safe backups of company data for customers for over 14 years. The company has been one of the largest players in this online backup market for years. Many companies have merged, have been acquired or are dealing with (external) investors, but Mindtime Backup is one of the few companies that are completely independent.

The Deventer company has, as the only Dutch independent supplier, the ISO27001 and NEN 7510 certification, with which it is internationally certified for its information security.

“The most important thing for Mindtime Backup is that your company’s confidential data are in safe hands and that you can retrieve them at any time you want,” says Roy Wichink Kruit.

Mindtime Backup wants to be the best supplier of online backup solutions for partners and end users in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Information security and service are their core business.

Information is a company asset that represents value for the organisation and must therefore continuously be protected in a suitable manner. Many organisations underestimate this value and end up finding out how much time, money and how many people it takes to reproduce data that was lost during a crash. The company has many ambassadors, partners and happy customers who advise third parties to make an online backup.

The new European privacy regulations (General regulation data protection, AVG) are slowly creating more awareness regarding what happens with everybody’s data. This mainly applies to business data. The data are to always be coded, secured and preferably stored in the Netherlands. This is what Mindtime Backup has been doing since it was founded and will keep doing for all its customers.

Export growth
Roy says: “The new European privacy laws have created a significant growth in export. In the German-speaking countries, data security, privacy and data storage on Germany land are found to be extremely important. Data of customers from German-speaking countries are stored in Dusseldorf. Thanks to our focus on information security and data centres in Germany, this is paying off for us now.”

Export Countries

Belgium | Germany | Luxembourg | Norway | Austria | Poland | Turkey | Switzerland


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