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Specialist in stainless steel

MJK Service

Specialist in stainless steel

When a request comes from the market regarding the use of stainless steel, Martijn and his team come up with a fitting solution.

This includes:

· Machine maintenance and repair.

· Stainless steel welding and construction.

· Stainless steel design products (e.g. bannisters, furniture, fencing).

· Stainless steel sheets.

· 3D printing.

· Assembly activities.

Since Martin’s grandfather’s time, an affinity with anything technical had always run in the family. Tinkering with machinery every Saturday in the shed was Martin’s ruling passion. After completing his technical studies, he worked for several years with hydro-dynamic drive systems, wheel suspension systems and much more. In 2007, he started MJK Service B.V., mainly for conducting maintenance services in factories and plants.

The range of jobs expanded to include welding and construction work, drawing up engineering solutions, and manufacturing components. The shed back home wasn’t large enough, so in 2015 he relocated to the Twello business estate. On-site work at customers is increasingly coordinated from their location in Twello as MJK Service’s customer base grows.

Every Friday afternoon, you can find Martin and his team in the ‘man cave’ in the building, where three racing simulators are currently set up. They all have the same hobby: Sim Racing. They initially started out with ‘toy’ equipment, but the pedal feedback was anything but realistic. The team took matters into their own hands and developed their own pedal set. ‘You want to be able to feel the pedals and adjust them to your needs,’ Martijn explains, so they have succeeded in producing pedals that can do just that. These highly promising pedals will soon be marketed under the name MJK Simracing Components.

Martin and his team enjoy their work and their joint hobby. The technical solutions they think up are transformed into beautiful and functional stainless steel products. The demand for their expertise is high and bespoke solutions are always required. MJK Service B.V. distinguishes itself by its high level of quality, finish and perfection.

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