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Mobile toilets sale

Mobile toilets sale

Bodhi Verhaaf was organising an event in Apeldoorn around the annual Serious Request radio event when he discovered how hard it was to find portable toilets anywhere. He started researching the market and discovered that plenty of businesses rented out portable toilets, yet there were very few companies that made and sold them. Bodhi: ‘I decided to devote my HBO Commercial Economics studies thesis to finding out whether there was a sufficiently high demand in the market for the construction and sale of portable toilets. As it turns out, there was, and in 2020 I decided to take matters into my own hands together with a business partner.’

The very first step was building a prototype, so they first researched the existing range of portable toilets on the market. They discovered that there was still plenty of room for improvement in comfort, maintenance and transport. The seat was extended, and the toilet hole and storage tank sizes were increased to increase user comfort significantly. At many construction sites, people use the same portable toilet for over six months, so a little bit of added comfort for your employees is the least you can do. Besides added comfort, other distinguishing factors are the affordable price and easy transport thanks to the compact one by one-metre format.

These improvements were incorporated into an initial prototype, and Bodhi presented his prototype to potential customers. Bodhi: ‘We loaded our portable toilet onto a trailer and started going round rental companies. They were very enthusiastic, and in some cases, this even led to orders on the spot.’ Since the start of the business, the number of orders has been growing rapidly. Almost 400 portable toilets were constructed or delivered in kit form to the customer during the first year. The first customers were primarily mobile toilet rental companies. Recently, more and more construction companies have placed orders with And that makes sense: you can buy a brand-new toilet with Bodhi and his team for the price of a six-week rental.

The portable toilets are sold under their brand name, Toypek. They currently have several different types of toilet cabins for sale, and you can choose between different colours and several extra options. You can purchase a portable toilet or a portable toilet cabin complete with a flushing system, washbasin or extra urinal.

The cabins are currently being sold in the Netherlands and Belgium. Still, the business hopes to expand its sales to other countries in the longer term.

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