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Willem Olthof switched to consultancy in 1997 after his career as a manager in the commercial technical industry. Olthof’s strength lies in bringing together and developing winning teams: people make the difference! Since 2012, Willem Olthof has dedicated his expertise to advise organisations on the creation of winning teams through his business MOResult.

Products & Services

MOResult has developed three different types of services: Management coaching, Organisational development (assessments, team development) and Recruitment. What distinguishes MOResult from other consultancy agencies is their precise and efficient approach. In Recruitment, a careful analysis of the organisation and its function is a basic condition for creating long-term matches. Willem: ‘I have noticed that, unfortunately, recruiters in our branch are strongly focused on transaction (placement) rather than adding value (the right match for the right position). MOResult deliberately focuses on the latter.’ And MOResult makes use of a unique compensation system to reflect this commitment to the client. The client only pays the success fee once the annual contract of the placed employee has been extended. This way, the client is guaranteed that MOResult will recruit and select the right person for the right position.

MOResult’s clients come from all over the country. They total about fifty businesses, varying in size from three people to listed billion-dollar companies. MOResult has nine clients in Belgium. These were initially Dutch companies with an office in Belgium. It sometimes happened that Dutch managers were sent to these offices but were unsuccessful with the Dutch way of doing business. Willem: ‘Belgium has a whole different business culture, something that Dutch companies would do well to be aware of. You need to appoint people who fit in well with this different culture.’

MOResult’s activities are not restricted to Dutch businesses in Belgium. More and more pure Belgian companies are finding their way to MOResult thanks to word-of-mouth marketing. Clear advice and practical coaching support the client management in achieving their goals.

What all of MOResult’s clients have in common, is that they all operate or aim to operate at an above-average level. They strive for a low employee turn-over rate and an organisation where the right people are doing the right things to help promote an increase in growth. The beauty of it is that MOResult grows along with the increasing employee needs of their clients.

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