Trade mediation


Trade mediation

Tobias ten Haaf founded Moronni International in 2012. The company specialises in introducing beauty brands into the upmarket segment on the Chinese market. China has seen the development of a large middle class who are willing to pay for quality: ‘Made in Europe’. The business has five employees in Deventer and a team of approximately 15 people in the Chinese city of Chongqing, with a contractor group of over 100 local professionals.

Delivery to more than 200 Chinese retail chains

Moronni has introduced several brands to China in the six years since the business was founded. The brands were supported by a complete package, varying from market research, the selection of store chains, establishing contacts, legal arrangements and merchandising to operational logistics. The logistics is done mostly by air freight and increasingly by train to China.

Sales via the online channel are also part of the service portfolio. Tobias: ‘Online retail is extremely important in China. In the cosmetics segment, 80% of the turn-over is generated online. It is very important that the brands are represented online. At the same time, internet in China is subject to strict regulations; local expertise is essential to keep up with these developments and to proactively avoid legal issues. Our team in China manages multiple in-house online shopping sites. We are both a distributor and a retailer.

The future

Moronni sees big opportunities for the future. Cosmetics-related products are also increasingly being sold in China. The retail channels for this product group are largely similar. For example, scented candle product lines are increasingly sold in Chinese shops and via internet. The sale of industry-related products is expected to grow rapidly in the near future. Tobias: ‘During the first few years, we invested a lot of time in our organisation, particularly our network in China. We have built a solid base to work from and are now ready to introduce more brands to the Chinese market. There is plenty of opportunity in China for a lot of brands.’

At their company branch in Chongqing, a city with 30 million residents, Moronni has developed a large and reliable network in the omnipresent distinct manufacturing industry. Moronni would also like to support Western businesses with the export and import of goods to and from Chongqing and China, a region with plenty of opportunity for businesses.

Export Countries

Germany | France | United Kingdom | Austria | Switzerland | Italy | Poland | United States | Lebanon | Canada | Mexico, | China | Hong Kong | Macao


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