MOVE Mobility


Experts in smart urban mobility. MOVE Mobility has been active for five years, during which the goal has been to use Dutch knowledge for an effective mobility in cities abroad. An international team of engineers, traffic engineers and urban planners use their expertise to improve the mobility, liveability and sustainability of cities. Their passion for liveable cities, ‘Smart Moving Cities’, has led to MOVE Mobility having executed projects in fifteen countries worldwide.

The international team works in close collaboration with partners to make cities accessible and liveable by delivering smart solutions that seem simple at first sight. With a strategic network of all stakeholders in a city, the complete process is carried out from an integral planning. All partners contribute to the execution, so a city is developed in a sustainable way and will be ready for the future. In recent years, a wide network has been built. MOVE Mobility participates in many projects and works together with several different partners to create ‘Smart Moving Cities’.

Smart Moving Cities

“We actually want to copy the city of Deventer everywhere in the world. Thinking from the basic principles that have led to what the city is now: multi-modality and integral planning of the public space,” says Tonny Bosch. Many large cities abroad must make crucial changes to mobility and spatial planning, so they are ready for the challenges in the future. By transferring knowledge, Dutch knowledge and experience is being shared. MOVE Mobility has, among others, set up the ‘Knowledge Transfer Program’ for this purpose together with several universities.

With the MOVE Meter, the company has developed an instrument that gives insight into the effects of taken measures and will show these in a visual and numerical way online. The result is the ‘best’ solution. This concerns questions such as: What is the current traffic situation? Which developments are on their way? What kind of measures can we take ? What are the effects of these measures? Is the desired goal being achieved?

Export Countries

Beira-Mozambique | Kampala-Oganda | Nairobi-Kenya | Cape Town-South Africa | United States (Memphis, Austin, Houston) | Mexico (Cuernavaca, Villahermosa) | Georgia | the Middle East(Palestine, Iraq, Iran) | Europe


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